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Maker : Doll Sweet

Country : China

Official name : DS Doll

Creation's year : 2008

Founder : QiaoWu

CEO : DongYueYang

Description Our silicone doll is not only adult sex toy, but a work of art. We create beauties and dreams.
More Our mission is to promote openness, innovation, towards progressive and more perfect development. We are building constantly better and workable dolls. A wide variety of products and excellent performance is our core competitiveness. Doll performance improvement leads us to greater perfection.
Address 06 XinRong st, Dalian, China
Phone # (+86)0411-867471
Online contact
Main production Factory is located in the Dalian city of China.
Showroom's location Dalian city of China, Tokyo of Japan.
Showroom's phone (+86)0411-867471
Online contact
Official website
Authorized vendor(Asian Dolls)
Authorized vendor(DS Dolls France)
Authorized vendor(ArteTokio)