History of the doll world

Adult dolls have been made by artisans for thousands of years. The stories most people hear are about the dolls used by kids, but there were adult dolls too.

The story of the Greek statue that came to life is a good example. The animation of a marble statue is considered apocryphal, however, the desire for love and companionship has always been a valid reason to invent such a partner.

The Renaissance introduced a renewed interest in life size dolls--ostensibly for modeling clothes or as mannequins for artists--the Church was a force to be reckoned with, and no one was going to admit their private affairs with their creations. There is a famous case of a French maker of automatons. His creations' ability to perform amazing feats such as playing the flute astonished audiences, but when when he caused one to make silk cloth better than the local factory, it turned workers to revolt and he fled the country.

Soldiers and sailors were known to carry so-called "Dutch wives" with them for gratification from the 18th century through the early 19th century.

Life size dolls or mannequins have frequently had a polarizing effect on people. When doll makers turned to silicone to make dolls whose principal function was sex, they were spoken of poorly in the media. However, with time, views continue to evolve and dolls are more accepted than ever. Now, more people know that the stereotype of sad, lonely men as the sole consumer of dolls is woefully incorrect. Today, successful men, women and couples are the primary buyers of adult dolls and a vibrant hobby has grown up worldwide, fostered by the Doll Forum and made possible by makers of increasingly realistic, durable, and affordable dolls.

We are mere years, decades at most, from having artificially intelligent dolls who walk, talk and have sex. Adult sized lifelike dolls that walk and talk with all the movements of a real person already exist in Japan ; all that remains is to produce them affordably and give them intimate features. So-called sexbots are the next frontier of adult dolls, but for now, the array of choices is already dazzling, as the Doll Matrix demonstrates.

What is doll ownership ?

Doll ownership serves two principal purposes: 1) sex, and 2) companionship.

For many owners, they buy an adult doll to satisfy point 1, but soon discover an emotional bond forms and point 2 is equally valid. For some, even more so, as doll "marriage" is not unheard of--an informal ritual that celebrates this nearly indescribable affection doll owners experience.

Some non-doll-owners have criticized adult dolls as objectifying humans (initially, women in particular, however dolls come in male, female, and transgender variations), however this is a perspective of outsiders. Doll owners know that their dolls are objects, but they treat them with the same care and respect as another living being. Dolls can be heavy, fragile, and easily injured, and all of this demands a level of care similar to a real person.

Consequently, dolls tend to be treated as substitutes for real people, bringing joy to their owners' lives, including photography, role playing in costumes, and in some cases, being shown in public.