What is Doll Matrix ?

  • Purpose of Doll Matrix

    The purpose of the Doll Matrix is to create a showcase of all the known adult dolls. It's a fun way to catalog our dolls and their names according to who owns them, what their stats are, who made them, and so on. The showcase fulfills the needs of doll owners and admirers to learn more about each others' dolls, and for prospective buyers to see what's out there and help expand the hobby.

  • History of the doll world

    Adult dolls have been made by artisans for thousands of years. The stories most people hear are about the dolls used by kids, but there were adult dolls too. The story of the Greek statue that came to life is a good example. The animation of a marble statue is considered apocryphal, however... the desire for love and companionship has always been a valid reason to invent such a partner...

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  • Last entries (20) of 1914 dolls.

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  • Random dolls (20) of 1914 dolls.

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What is doll ownership ?

Doll ownership serves two principal purposes: 1) sex, and 2) companionship. For many owners, they buy an adult doll to satisfy point 1, but soon discover an emotional bond forms and point 2 is equally valid. For some, even more so, as doll "marriage" is not unheard of--an informal ritual that celebrates this nearly indescribable affection doll owners experience. Some non-doll-owners have criticized adult dolls as objectifying humans (initially, women in particular, however...

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